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  • Sarah Fuentes

Introduction to Body by Fuentes

I imagine myself in the future. The lives I lived. The person I will have grown to be. There are conscious decisions that need to be made in order to be guided toward those desired results. It takes discipline, dedication and a passion. One has to be resilient in their direction. I have a clear view but I love to chill. The brain gets wild with the pressures. Which is all cool. It’s the name of the game. I like to think it's balance. Body by Fuentes is a platform created for accountability and consistency. It will prioritize experiences that keep me grounded and bring me bliss. Goals will be set to guide me to my highest potential. There is always shit that has space for improvement. I am committed to organizing a consistent routine with all this in mind. My intentions are to be vulnerable and honest with my process. Vulnerability being my biggest challenge. Body by Fuentes will be my public journal. This is my journey into tomorrow. I am excited to share some old and new habits with everyone. I look forward to your insight and support. This will be fun!



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